Thought we would add a page just for Jason. 

Jason was born December 29, 1966, in NY and lis listed as actor, writer and director. 
He has appeared in Say Anything... (1989) and of course The Prince of Tides (1991), but has since rarely appeared in front of the camera. 
In 1997 he made his [London] West End debut in the play The Twilight of the Golds at the Arts Theatre in which he played the part of David, an opera designer. 


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1997 Jason wrote, produced and directed the short film Inside Out. He played Aaron in the humorous story of the child of two celebrities who is outed by the tabloids. His real life father, Elliott Gould, doubled as his father in the short film. His real half-brother Sam Gould played the part of his brother. The short was later combined with other features for Boys Life 3 (2000)

"I would never wish for my son to be anything but what he is. He is bright, kind, sensitive, caring, and a very conscientious and good person. He is a very gifted actor and filmmaker. What more could a parent ask for in their child? I have been truly blessed.” Barbra (Advocate, Aug. 1999)

2000 Boys Life 3 - Aaron (segment "Inside Out")
1997 Inside Out - Aaron
1996 Subterfuge - Alfie Slade
1991 The Prince of Tides - Bernard Woodruff
1989 The Big Picture - Carl Manknik
1989 Listen to Me - Hinkelstein
1989 Say Anything... - Mike Cameron
1972 Up the Sandbox - (uncredited) - Young Boy

Jason attended the London Premiere of Prince of Tides with his Mom and other cast members. We were fortunate to be there and to see him for the first time. The first thing I noticed was his hair - shiney, lovely hair. His eyes are dark, soulful. He was quiet, unassuming and, earlier, had been signing autographs for fans outside the Dorchester. It was cool to see him in person and, I thought, he was lovely looking.