During her career, Barbra has graced the cover of many landmark, noteworthy publications, some more that once. Such is her status, that even today, Barbra's image on the cover of a magazine is always insurance that sales that week, or month, will leap. Each is an instant collector's item, and they hold a special place in collector's collections world-wide. 

Many great pictures and images of Barbra have been 'cover portraits' - below are frames showcasing just a few.

Above collage: note the much coverted Playboy issue. Barbra was the first female artist to appear on the cover of Billboard. She has graced the covers of TV Guide and LIFE magazine often. The All About Barbra issue is The Best of All About Barbra issue 2 - Barbra gave us that picture from her own collection, it's one of my favourite covers out of all the covers we have published, it turned out so well.

Below: Esquire magazine (a UK publication) put this great picture on the cover. It is black and white, the only colour being blue in Barbra's eyes. It was a collector's issue as half way through the publication, it turned upside down. People magazine were one of the few magazines to cover Barbra's wedding and be given pictures at the time,

Below: The High Society Cover - this magazine obtained and published the pictures from the nude scene Barbra banned from Owl & The Pussycat. A court order saw all but a very rare few recalled. Really nice cover shot of Barbra with Jason, cute picture, great cover.

Below: Anyone that came into Barbra with A Star Is Born must remember those cheesy
movie screen mags. The catchy titles and doctored photos - and boy did we buy them
and believe all that stuff! Check out the SIB poster mag, I had that on my wall!

**For more Barbra covers and reproduction/insight into their articles, visit Barbra-archives -click here

(Left to Right:)

BARBRA The First Decade. The first book by James Spada. Published in 1974, it covers all genre's of Barbra's work (Movies, TV, etc) and is packed with great b/w images. It doesn't matter if you're a new fan or a seasoned fan, it's always a good read and excellent reference work.
BARBRA The Second Decade. Written by Karen Swenson, this is the perfect follow up to Spada's book. Published in 1989, it is expertly written and researched and apacked with great pictures.
BARBRA An Illustrated Biography. Published in 1979, the format is much like Spada's Decade book. Again many black and white pictures that tend to dominate in this effort.
Barbra Streisand by Nick Yapp. This chronicles Barbra story from 1960s and illustrated with some pretty rare images from Terry Fincher, Bill Eppridge and Terry O'Neill. A unique presentation.
THE FILMS OF BARBRA STREISAND Written by Karen Swenson & Chris Nickens, this features over 150 stunning color and black & white photographs--many published for the first time--as well as complete cast and credit listings, and a sampling of reviews. The volume also boasts exclusive, illuminating comments from dozens of Streisand's co-workers and friends. Also included, a forty-page biographical overview that traces Barbra Streisand's remarkable journey from "dreary obscurity in Flatbush to heights of fame, acclaim and fortune no one would have dared predict." Her legendary triumphs as a concerts and recording artists, Broadway star and television personality are well documented, as are highlights from her personal life--including her marriages to Elliott Gould and James Brolin.
BARBRA STREISAND Women of Achievement - Chronicles Barbra's life from Brooklyn to Hollywood.
THE ULTIMATE BARBRA Published in 1998, this volume comes over mostly as an exsercise in reference and it's great to have on the shelf for that purpose. It is an entertaining, bold compendium of test-your-knowledge quizzes, lists, directories of people and places, chronologies, trivia challenges, special appendices (including bibliographies, Web sites and fan club listings), and more. 
THE BARBRA STREISAND SCRAPBOOK. This volume has enjoyed many print runs and is a popular title with fan the world over. Again, well researched and written, it is a wonderful collection of information and pictures. A must for the shelf, written by (my dear friend) Allison Waldman.
STREISAND This descriptions cites that despite being intensely private,fans will learn a lot they didn't know in this tribute--from her childhood in Brooklyn to her most recent concert tour. Includes complete filmography, discography, and bibliography. 200 photos.
STREISAND This is the third offering by Spada and likely the definitive Biography out there. Seasoned celebrity biographer Spada (Grace: The Secret Life of a Princess) provides an evenhanded and highly detailed look at Barbra's life. The sheer comprehensiveness of this bio will make it a satisfying read for Streisand devotees. 
STREISAND: THE WOMAN AND LEGEND The second book by Spada offers many great b/w pictures and info.
STREISAND THROUGH THE LENS Published in 1984, written Frank Teti and Karen Moline, this is another staple favourite with fans. Packed with colour and b/w images, the writers take the unusual stance of presenting interviews with paparazzi who have photographed Barbra over the years. Makes for some fascinating reading.
BARBRA STREISAND COMPANION A little different this one. It notes: Barbra Streisand has enjoyed worldwide artistic success for more than three decades, and her recordings are a consistent and integral part of her multifaceted professional life. This is part of Greenwood's series, Companions to Celebrated Musicians, and this volume explores the musical life and style of Barbra and places her in the context of American popular music of the second half of the 20th century. Analytical sections focus on musical elements, such as instrumentation and orchestration, melody, harmony, rhythm and tone, dynamics, and form, as they examine in detail her recordings and songs.

HER NAME IS BARBRA Randall Riese Hers is the ultimate Cinderella story: that of an ugly duckling whose father died when she was an infant. HER NAME IS BARBRA reveals for the first time the true account of Streisand's troubled, emotionally abused childhood.

BARBRA by Donald Zec and Anthony Fowles. A run of the mill biography, a little sensational in place - few pages of pictures.
BARBRA The Way She Is New York Times bestselling author Christopher Andersen taps into important sources—-eyewitnesses to Barbra Streisand's remarkable life and career—-to paint a startling portrait of the artist...and the woman. Whether you love her, hate her, or are simply spellbound by her titanic talent, Barbra is one thing above all others: a true American original.
BARBRA STREISAND QUOTE/UNQUOTE A photographic portrait of the legendary singer, actress, and director captures the extraordinary public and private worlds of the musical legend and shares Streisand's own thoughts on fame, fortune, love, and success
THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING BARBRA The Importance Of Being Barbra" is a consideration of one of the most unparalleled careers in the history of show business. Tom Santopietro chronicles every role and recording in a lifetime of work that has earned Streisand the title of best selling pop female vocalist of all time.With a winning style and encyclopaedic expertise he celebrates the career highlights in film, theatre, albums, concerts, and even politics without ignoring the bumps in her road to super-stardom

Note: Many of the book listed here are out of print, however many turn up on ebay from time to time.


My Passion for Design is a beautiful, often amazing book.

Reading through it is akin to walking with Barbra as she guides you through her wonderful abode, pointing out this and that, littering her conversation with delicious stories and information about various pieces, her idea’s, inspiration and visions. Her passion.
Barbra's writing exudes a wonderful, informative narrative - you just keep reading and reading and turning those pages as she gently draws you into her world. 
Colours - sublime. Taste - classy. Style - just wonderful. A gentle, inviting atmosphere permeates the meticulously decorated rooms and it jumps off the page.

Barbra can easily add talented photographer to her list of attributes. The principle photographer of the project, her pictures feature throughout the book and are excellent.

If you have yet to purchase this book, I would urge you to snap it up. Consider £30 ($60) what can you get for that these days? A meal, see a show? The meal will be nice, for short while, the show will end, but My Passion for Design will ALWAYS be on your shelf.

A glass of wine, a warm fire and Passion for Design – lovely.
And the Award goes to....

Awards, the symbol of excellence in a chosen field, they say you are the best of the best, and Barbra's career is littered with them. From her first movie and first album, Barbra has continued to garner awards in every medium of entertainment. Below are pictures of just a few.

Cecil B Demille Award -presented by Shirley MacLaine

Emmy Awards 2001