Seeing Barbra live on stage is thrilling! The air tingles, people light up and come alive. From the moment she appears on stage, thunderous applause and wild cheers shake the venue, and you know you’re in for a memorable night!

No matter how huge the venue, Barbra quickly creates that special intimacy that makes you feel a part of the show. Her personable nature and brand of light hearted fun draws in her audience. She makes you cheer, laugh and even cry.
Barbra works the stage gracefully, plays to her fans and interacts with smart ad-libs you remember. Her voice fills the air and literally thrills. When she disappears for a costume change, you can’t wait until she returns and the show resumes.

With a legendary performer like Barbra, you’re not just seeing one of the entertainment’s world most endearing personalities, but a genuine ‘star’ that has tread the boards of Broadway, the West End and the famous soundstages of Hollywood. A star that has won Awards in every major facet of the industry and sustained a spectacular career, when others have fallen away or simply burned out. With Barbra you travel through time and history. Via her rich background, you are offered a rare glimpse of real theatre and the halcyon days of Hollywood. One show, one performer, so much history and recital as Barbra guides you through the years.

Alas, she has to leave. It’s been a long evening, it’s past Sammie’s (her doggie) bedtime, her husband is waiting and by now, Barbra is kinda tired, but you wish she could stay, just another hour …or so. 

Afterwards, it’s quite the evening out to come down from.  Whether you have been lucky to see Barbra live or not, you can experience the magic, or re-live the memorable experience via the various concert DVD’s available.

A Happening in Central Park

This was Barbra fourth television special.
A landmark event, A Happening in Central Park was recorded on September 15, 1968 before 150 thousand people. This is Barbra live, with an orchestra, before a true New York audience. 

Despite the weather, the mud and the insurance headaches, Barbra took to the plexi-glass stage and wowed New York.

She performs over 18 songs including, "The Nearness of You," "Cry Me a River," "I Can See It," "Second Hand Rose" (the audience enjoys singing along)," "People," and "Happy Days Are Here Again." It was officialy released with an special recorded introduction from Barbra. (more in The TV Specials section)


One Voice

Way Back in 1986, horrified by the Chernobyl accident, Barbra raised money and set up The Streisand Foundation, by holding a concert for a specially invited audience in her own grounds. This was titled simply, One Voice.

Stars came out, including Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, Bruce Willis …invited via a special taped message from Barbra. And the stars were on stage. The hilarious Robin Williams did warm up, and during the show, Barry Gibb joined Barbra on stage for a wonderful rendition of ‘Guilty’ and the poignant “What Kind of Fool.” Like Barbra, Gibb was dressed in white. It was a compliment to Guilty and the performers sparkled.
The beautiful America was actually taken from a rehearsal the night before. Barbra was using tele prompters and they were blocked from her view when the audience stood up during the finale.

Considering her nerves at singing live, Barbra is spot on. From her surreal, dramatically back lit entrance, to the final rousing rendition of America, Barbra carries off the entire performance flawlessly.

Barbra performs many of her standards including "Somewhere," "Evergreen," "People," "Send in the Clowns," "Guilty"
and "The Way We Were."


DEC 31 1993/JAN 01 1994

“I’ve never liked New Year,” Barbra revealed. So what better way to see it through than on stage. 

Recorded on New Years Eve 1993, and New Years Day 1994, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, these concerts saw Barbra welcome in the New Year with spectacular style. Joined by comedian Mike Myers (Coffee Tawk) to add a touch of humour to the shows, this is Barbra at her frivolous best.

Again, Barbra does many of her famed standards proud. Barbra brought the concept to London. On the announcement of 4 dates at Wembley Arena, London, the tickets sold out in a record 90 minutes! The show moved on to the USA, taking in several states and breaking more attendance and ticket sales en route.

**Bonus footage includes clips from two 1960s CBS specials, "Color Me Barbra," and "My Name Is Barbra."

TIMELESS Recorded December 31st 1999 and January 1st 2000

Staged at the impressive MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Barbra marked the  year 2000 on stage when she played to a sold out house.
This would be a 'Timeless' reflection on by-gone years, with a rousing hello to the new Millennium.

Here, Barbra was joined by a ‘mini-me’ of sorts in the shape of Lauren Frost. At just 13, she joined Barbra on stage, and like her (virtual) future-self, she packed a massive voice. It’s a stroke of genius casting and starts the show with a kick. The wonderful Savion Glover representing ‘Brother Time’ tap dances his way through the show, showing up here and there to remind everyone – time was moving on. Even Shirley McClaine makes a (filmed) cameo!

It’s a great show. Barbra is in great voice and the ‘Time’ concept is both fitting and cleverly executed. It is a time for reflection, and in a thoughtful moment, Barbra recounts and shares a letter her Father wrote to a friend who had passed it on to Barbra. It's very personal and moving and leads neatly to a soulful rendition of Papa Can You Hear Me? Throughout, we travel back in time for a nostalgic over view of Barbra's career. 

Like a huge party on New Years, as the seconds fall away to midnight, everyone and everything pauses and all attention is focused on the time. Barbra, now joined on stage by hubby, Jim, counts down the remaining seconds and with a cheerful 'Happy New Year!' she heralds in the Year 2000 for Vegas and her lucky audience!
The ceiling releases what must have been tons of paper confetti that rains down on the stage and singing audience as the poignant Aulds Lang Ayne fills the air. 

Lights and indoor pyro-technics flood light the stage and sparkle over head. It is a smashing moment and a great way to re-live the historic event. Jim and Barbra share a special dance on stage, and they joined by Lauren Frost and Savion Glover, as well as one or two friends, and Jason - a real family occasion!

Streisand: 2006 North American/European Concert Tour

On June 12, 2006, a press release announced the tour: It was announced today that the multi-platinum quartet, Il Divo will take the stage with Barbra Streisand as her special guest for her highly anticipated national tour set to kick off October 4th in Philadelphia at the Wachovia Center.

In a joint statement, Il Divo stated:
“We believe the experience of working with Barbra Streisand a truly legendary artist will forever shape the way we approach our own singing and performing. 
Her voice and her music have profoundly influenced and inspired so many artists, including Il Divo, and we are thrilled to be sharing the stage with her.”

Marty and the boys that sang with Barbra in Europe.

Friends: Marty and Concert Director Richard Jay-Alexander (see Richard's brilliant article about the Vanguard in Issue 2 of All About Barbra)

Il Divo were otherwise engaged when Barbra brought the Tour to Europe and she was joined onstage by four of Broadway’s leading male performers: Peter Lockyer, Michael Arden, Sean McDermott and Hugh Panaro.
The Tour would take Barbra from Vienna, to Paris, Nice, Berlin, Ireland and finally, the 02 at London, England. “What a joy it will be to perform to in so many wonderful countries for the first time”, Barbra said. “I can’t wait to experience these different audiences and cultures.”
Stage nerves gone, Barbra enjoyed this tour – and it showed. This time she was visibly relaxed, ready to have fun and completely engage her audiences. Her enthusiasm transcended the stage and like infectious laughter it spread over the multitudes. The tour broke records across the USA and Europe. Stage side in Manchester, her long-time Manager, Marty Erlichman asked to guess how many standing ovations Barbra received in Germany “Seventeen,” he told me. “Can you believe it?”

This is an extra in the DVD box set and was recorded, July 94. From the '94 Tour (that kicked off in London) Barbra returned to the US to fulfil several dates.
This show is a recorded event that marked Barbra's spectacular return to the 'Tour stage' after a 28 year absence.

What you lookin' at?
What a great pose!
                                                Barbra, on the couch!
                        Spectacular lighting highlights the stage and orchestra!
                                                         Love the suit!


***Collage of pictures I took of Barbra. Venue, The MEN (Manchester) England.

 For many good causes…

Barbra's 2006 tour grossed more than $92 million, according to Billboard Boxscore. The tour was undertaken in large part to enable Barbra to direct millions of dollars to The Streisand Foundation to fund urgent efforts in three areas, environmental (with special emphasis on addressing global warming,) education and women’s health issues. Eleven million dollars from the US and Canada tour were directed to The Streisand Foundation for charitable distribution. The first million dollar donation from these funds was a contribution to the William Jefferson Clinton Climate Change initiative, the lead contribution to that cause. Bringing to nearly $16,000,000 her charitable contributions from the tours, $5,000,000 from her European tour was conveyed to Cedar-Sinai Women’s Heart Center as an endowment funding the Barbra Streisand Women’s Cardiovascular Research and Education Program.

If you were at any of the many dates Barbra undertook, you can return via the many DVD’s available. If you weren’t there – grab these DVD’s and let Barbra take you there…

Concert DVD boxset - 3 DVD Set!

Disc 1. features the Previously Unreleased, Fort Lauderdale show captured during her Timeless Tour in October 2006, with special guest multi-platinum recording artist, IL Divo.

Disc 2. features the classic 1994 show - The Concert Live at Arrowhead Pond from Anaheim, CA. A sensational event which documented her first concert tour in 28 years!

Disc 3. Previously Unreleased On DVD, 'Putting it Together' takes you behind the scenes of the making of the Broadway album.

You can order from any of these places / /

**You can find more Tour info, song lists etc. at Matt's web page Barbra-archives