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When the magazine began all those years ago, I don’t think any of us imagined it would continue for so long, and keep getting better! The support and feedback from our readers through the years has always been superb. 
Nor did we imagine we would come to the attention of Barbra – Or that we would meet her - but we did.
The question I am asked the most is, 'Do you know if Barbra like the magazine?" Happily, she does. Further more, over the years, Barbra has been incredibly kind to us. Without obligation, Barbra has given us numerous signed items for competitions held in aid of charity, various pictures from her own collection, including one from her wedding, quotes and even answered our readers questions (iss 51). With her acknowledgement of our work, her kindness and inviting us backstage, she has been nothing short of great!

"The magazine is wonderful, gorgeous. Thank you!" (Barbra backstage, Manchester, UK)

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*Above: Backstage with Barbra and Sammie, Manchester, UK.

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