Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WANNA BE IN THE NEW ISSUE - A BIRTHDAY PICTURE MESSAGE: OK selfie time!! We just love our selfies and Barbra - so, as in the past, lets put em together - this time to feature in the new issue of ALL ABOUT BARBRA.

Barbra's Birthday is coming up 24th of next month - so we are inviting readers of the magazine to send us a selfie/photo of yourself  holding A BIRTHDAY message for Barbra.

Your message needs to be big letters (bare in  mind that in order to feature as many as possible in the magazine, your image will have to be reduced a little) use BLOCK CAPITALS - BLACK. Something like HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARBRA - Lynne (not my name of course.. yours) or HAVE A GREAT DAY, BARBRA! LOVE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, BARBRA. Lets say 10 to 12 words or less.

Now, we are saying selfie, BUT, get someone to take the pic for you or your message will appear backwards!

If you have a Barbra T-shirt, wear it or one of the Heart fund raiser Shirts or scarves!

Richard-Jay is fab at this sort of thing so I've included some of his pics in the examples here.

IF you can't think of anything to write just hold your fave Barbra CD and DVD.


OK email your pic to with the subject MY BARBRA SELFIE and include your full name & country.

You have APRIL 8TH to get your pic to us - spread the word!

Lets do this!! Lookin forward to seeing your lovely selfies!