Tuesday, 12 August 2014

NEW YORK STATE OF MIND - on release!

The building suspense has been littered with exciting teasers beginning with Barbra's announcement of the Sept 16th Release date on Instagram. 
Next came a wonderful glimpse​ of the recording session with Michael Buble - It Had To Be You and today the release of the sublime New York State of Mind with the guy that wrote it, Billy Joel.

Anyone who remembers listening to this wonderful track way back on Streisand Superman, will get goosebumps reliving the memories with Barbra and Billy's superb, updated rendition - quite eimply it blew me away. Further more, Barbra's voice is strong, experienced and continues to swell and flow masterfully. Her note range remains stunning. Joel's equally strong vocals compliments Barbra perfectly. Ultimately, you have a powerful, gutsy dare I add, sexy ballard! I'm draining the battery on my phone! 

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