Tuesday, 26 November 2013

BACK TO BROOKLYN - The best yet!!

Without a doubt, this is easily the most relaxed I've seen Barbra performing live. The
show flows with ease, Barbra nails every number. Fantastic keepsake of a wonderful show and an historic event! Must buy... IT'S A NO BRAINER!!

From the moment the white spotlight finds Barbra centre stage, one of two things happen - either you're back there at the show in May or you feel like you're there. This is an amazing show, you can easily watch over and over.

Barbra nails every number. From the sublime Didn't We? to rocking the house with No More Tears, to the stomping show stopping medley from Gypsy - Barbra rules the house.

Three costume changes - Barbra looks, and sounds, amazing!

Jason's inclusion offers a poignant phase that introduces him to the world. His voice is revealed, live for the first time. It's a moment of pure revelation and, for us, Barbra's people, a mix of nostalgia and affection the little boy who has grown from a little boy, to teenager to actor and now a very talented signer/musician.

 And... we must mention Sam. The delightful little 6 year old for whom Sam You Made The pants Too Long was performed for his 7th Birthday. Watch his bust some cool moves and sing a long with Barbra! It's too cute!

Who says Barbra doesn't appeal to the young?