Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Barbra at her best!

We are back from London having enjoyed what must be two of Barbra's BEST concerts I have ever seen! She was, quite simply sensational! We had great seats, centre block, 5th row! 

Normally I would save my report for the next issue. However, as many of you have asked – here is a brief
reflection of the show and our meeting Barbra.
From the opening On A Clear Day to her encore, Barbra captivated the entire 02 arena, held them fast by the hand and took them on a musical journey laced with humour, standards and jaw dropping show stoppers. You knew you were witnessing something rare. In a world of techno gadgets, cheap thrills, gangs of well rehearsed dancers and ‘auto-tune,’ Barbra delivers pure, undiluted vocals. Relying solely on a richness of genuine talents, the result is a rare evening of pure class, excitement and awesome performances. She absolutely dazzled in a full length skirt (with a naughty, netted leg split) changing into pants, that matched a delightful sparkling jacket. The second half saw Barbra change again into a glorious red gown (Donna Karan) with matching jewellery.
Playing to demand, Barbra offered up a rare snatch of her UK Number 1 hit, WOMAN IN LOVE. Inviting the audience to dance (and they did, bobbing and clapping to the beat) she rocked the house with a snatch of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The Gypsy/Parade set was electrifying! Barbra commanded the stage, thrilling her ecstatic audience with a performance that firmly cements her status of legend.
Saturday (June 1st) was a fabulous performance – however Monday, (June 3rd) was a cracking show! Barbra’s voice was spectacular! It never failed her as she scaled her sublime vocal range, belted out our favourites and held some spectacular long notes!
We jumped to our feet in wild applause time after time. They wouldn’t let her leave the stage! Three ours flew by!

One big happy family!

Next we were taken back for a meet with Barbra. Craig was also there with his parents (who were lovely to meet) But first a chat with the rest of the family. I was touched by the reception we got. Marty came towards us. “Marty!” I smiled. “Hi, Lynne!” and we hugged (I love him to bits) He also posed for a picture, then had to go speak with a friend of his. Jay Landers, Richard Jay-Alexander, Amy (RJA'S PA) (we LOVED Amy! She got us water,found us cool air and was just lovely all round!) Monique (Barbra’s personal Sec, Lovely!) Renata, JJ (Marty’s son) Tracy (Marty’s PA-Thank you Tracy!!) various security personal were all mulling around. What I noticed was the jokes and friendly banter that bounced from one to the other. They are all one big happy family and you can fill it in the atmosphere. Richard Jay was an absolute sweetheart! “We have to look after these kids,” he said, to Craig’s parents, I think. “They’re like orphans.” And indeed he did. He hooked us up with backstage passes the lot. My friend Su, a huge theatre buff, was chuffed to meet him and really caught him out, “You’re much better looking in real life you know,” she said. “Much better than on Face Book.” I nearly choked on my water! “Whhaaa?” RJ said. He looked at me lost for words – yes, RJ! “Well… what do I with that?” He said. Bless, he was totally cute! However, Su is right – he’s a cool dude!
I recognised Rozzie and waved to her. Squinting she peered at me a moment, then, probably intrigued by this strange woman waving, she ventured closer. “Roslyn,” I began, “It’s Lynne, from All About Barbra.” “Lynne! Hi!” and Roz took my hand. “How are you?” I proceeded to stumble my way through praise for Roz’s part in the show. “Awww,” she smiled, “You’re kind. Thank you.” 
I asked if I could meet Jason who was chatting to people further up the corridor. “Sure, I’ll go get my nephew,” and Roz went to fetch Jason. Now the tingles began! A few minutes later, bringing his beautiful doggie Eli with him, Jason came towards us. We spoke about his music and how he is enjoying producing his material independently. I found Jason to be very handsome and charismatic. He has beautiful eyes, a lovely smile, and a gentle expression yet is very self assured and comfortable. Ultimately, he is refreshingly down to earth, as is Roslyn. They chatted with us a while and posed for pictures.
Jay Landers was on hand and Steve and him chatted about the vault (Barbra’s recordings storage) Jay is fantastic! Very generous with his time, happy to answer any questions and listen to our thoughts on things. We all adore him! 

Lynne! I thought I recognised you!

Next we were taken into Barbra’s dressing room. Jim introduced himself and we all shook hands. Barbra was just as I remembered her, tiny! Her long hair was beautifully done, she wore a black gown and as soon as she saw me she smiled, “Lynne! I thought I recognised you!” She gave me a kiss and we shook hands. I was very touched by her welcome. I introduced her to Steve and Susan - Barbra kissed Susan and took Steve’s hand. She began chatting with us and I told her I was so pleased to meet with her again, as although I met with her in Manchester I couldn’t remember her in person! I don’t know why, but there you go. However this time, there were no nerves, no wobbly legs even - I relaxed easy in her company, which is a great credit to her, and… well, me being me, I talked her head off! Tsk, poor Barbra! I told her the new issue had came out just 2 days before. “Oh where? Do you have one?” She asked. I explained 2 had been left with Monique. “We kept it going,” I said. “Yes!” Barbra answered. “So I heard.” We chatted about Guilt Trip – I told her I liked it, Barbra said ‘It was cute.’ Barbra announced she had lost a pound the day before, so, had been eating. “I love food,” she told us. We spoke about life stages and losing people, Barbra mentioned Marvin. She spoke of Donna Summer too. She temporarily forgot the song title Enough Is Enough and closed her eyes, “Oh boy, I am sooo tired, you know?” She said. “Jet lagged.” We understood. We all remarked on how wonderful she looks – no way does she look her age. Her skin is tanned, flawless and her blue eyes look directly at you when you speak and she listens intently. I mentioned her work for women’s heart issues explaining that at my age she had made think about my own heart. Barbra looked directly at me, “How old are you?” I chuckled, others in the room laughed. “OOOh, shouldn’t have asked that,” someone said. "Tell her 29!” Someone shouted. Barbra was smiling, waiting for my answer (I got the impression she had been wondering) “Well,” I began, “I started the magazine when I was ten…” Barbra chuckled, (I made Barbra laugh!) I’m 50 I said directly. Barbra’s looked a tad surprised, I took this as a compliment as no one ever believes I’m 50, they always think I’m younger. She put her hand on my arm, “Lynne, you have got to take care of yourself…” “I know,” I offered. “I have been saying when I return home from London, I need to make some changes.” “Do it,” she said, “I need you!” She smiled again. Me? I was lost for words – finally!
Craig and his family had been waiting patiently and Barbra went to chat with them. She had her personal photographer on hand and pictures were taken. I observed Craig and his parents get some snaps with Barbra and thought they all looked lovely and that it would be a lovely picture (Check it out on Craig’s site, it’s a smashing picture!)
We lined up and some snaps were taken. I don’t have ours yet, but it should be in the next issue. Sammie was toddling about. Renata explained that Sammie is now 10. She held her up and Sammie licked at our fingers. She really is a gorgeous dog; her fur is white and feels like silk. Barbra signed some stuff for us, I thanked her for her kindness, once again Barbra had spoiled us rotten and we parted.

More info and pictures in the next issue of the magazine! You can order the new issue (Just published) now

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures (of Barbra) here were taken by myself, please don’t copy or use – thanks. Don't worry I have many more I will use them later that you can have ;)