Monday, 27 May 2013

The Holiday starts here! Next stop, London and BARBRA! 

I will be travelling from Friday and will be away until the following Tuesday. Please forgive me if I can answer emails quickly etc. If you're
going to the show - see you there!! I will look to try to keep TWITTER (@Barbramaguk) FACEBOOK and This Blog updated as much as I can.

Richard Jay-Alexander hit the UK today -- The orchestra came in today - Marty, Barbra, Jim and Sammie (of course) should be here in a day or so. Don't forget, Jason and Roz are coming too! It's gonna be a GREAT show!

ALL ABOUT BARBRA ISSUE 74 should be shipping out at the end of this week! It's a great edition, packed with pictures, articles and superb features! Still need your copy? Hop over to allaboutbarbra and place your order NOW!! 

Those travelling to the O2, take care, enjoy the atmosphere and ENJOY THE SHOW! (like you have to be told :/)

Barbra live - lets do it!!