Sunday, 28 April 2013

NEW ISSUE - up to order now!

Orders are streaming in for the lastest issue of All About Barbra. It is due out just as Barbra lands in London to begin her European tour. Packed, we have MORE pages, MORE pictures, MORE features MORE BARBRA! 
The Way We Were (by Allison) - Dolly on blu-ray - The Guilt Trip (Huge feature and pictures - plus meeting Barbra on the set! Exclusive to AAB) Our tribute to Allison and Read Jay Landers fascinating article about Barbra's recording vault and putting together Release Me - check out this brief teaser below:

Barbra keeps lists! Sometimes for years.

She can't always find them, but eventually they resurface and jog her memory. That's when I might get the email, "Did you ever hear the songs I did with Randy Newman?". However, usually it's something more cryptic like "Garden Grow-Rupert". Fortunately, after all these years, I'm well-versed in "Barbra-speak" and understand how to decipher her shorthand. In this case, she's been thinking about a powerful way to close her concert and wants to hear the unfinished recording of "Make Our Garden Grow" that she made in the late 1980's with co-producer/arranger Rupert Holmes. The note also implies the need to find the orchestra parts for this version, or if they've "vanished" to call Rupert and ask him if he knows where they are. It also means she'll want to send a copy to her conductor Bill Ross so he can have a listen as well. All in a days work, and another reason to revisit "The Vault" (Plus some great 'exclusive' pictures off Jay!

This and loads more! Make sure of your copy! Limited print run -- Order your issue click here