Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Issue 74! Up to order now!

And we’re off and running for a brand new issue of All About Barbra! 

Issue 74 (whaaat?!) Yep and it’s up for ordering right now – April 24th! Someone’s birthday today, isn’t it? ;)

OK, visit  www.allaboutbarbra.com and get your order in now! Remember, they sell out quickly (72 is gone! And issue 73 is almost done!)  The Way We Were, EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE by Jay Landers  INSIDE THE VAULT - PLUS EXCLUSIVE quote from Richard Jay-Alexander re: The Chaplin Award! PLUS Inside The Chaplin Award, The Oscars! Hello, Dolly! The Guilt Trip comes to DVD and Blu Ray, lots more.. plus our tribute to Allison. Don’t be disappointed; make sure of your copy!