Friday, 8 March 2013

Guilt Trip opens today in UK


Back from seeing the Guilt Trip - I LOVED it! 
Barbra and Seth Rogen have fantastic chemistry. The story was lovely, sweet ... just right, not to sugary or silly. And Barbra, well it's one of her best performances (in my opinion anyway) 

Barbra brought the right ingredients to Joyce - great characterization. And she was Joyce - not Esther, or Katie or even Roz Focker, Barbra created a brand new character that puts them aside in your in your mind. That's a massive credit to her as an actress.

When it was poignant it was sobering and when it was funny - it was funny! Barbra was brilliant! And she looked great! Going to see again if I can - great movie!

FORGET the critics. Anyone who reads their columns and passes on this movie will regret it when they see it on DVD.