Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Oscar speculation mounts...

FROM DEADLINE From Deadline here

Deadline: And Barbra Streisand will be singing on the show for only the second time ever. What will she be singing? I have been guessing “The Way We Were”.

Zadan: Everyone has been asking us that. When we went to Barbra the first day we got the job, we said we are doing this theme of music and we said, “How can we do it without you? We must have you”. And she said yes. What we didn’t know when we asked her is that she hadn’t sung on the show in 36 years since she won for “Evergreen”.
How thrilling is it to have her be part of this? And she also likes the fact that in planning what she’s going to do on the show — we had to spend several meetings planning what she is actually going to sing on the show — she said, “I love the fact that you announced me but you didn’t announce what I would be doing because I really want to surprise people when I come out as to what I am going to be doing”.
Meron: But we love the speculation.

And ... Here's the latest from Vanity Fair

Barbra Streisand is performing this year. She is famously particular about what angles she is filmed from and other performance details . . . Has she given you any feedback about the sets for her number?

We showed her the design for the [number] that she is doing, and she was enormously enthusiastic. I’ve only heard positive things from her and am absolutely looking forward to seeing her onstage.