Saturday, 15 December 2012

Barbra loves a bargain!

From Yahoo News

Barbra Streisand gets excited about discount coupons.
The legendary singer-and-actress has made a fortune with her lucrative career, which has included roles in films such as A Star Is Born and Funny Girl.
Despite having access to endless amounts of luxury, the 70-year-old can’t resist a bargain.
"I have collected quite a lot of discount coupons,” she divulged to German channel RTL.
“The other day, my cleaning lady found some and I was like, 'Wow, you get 15 per cent off carrots.’ I thought that was great. I love going into the supermarket, finding new foods and reading all the labels."
The iconic star has a lot of celebrity connections and could score an invite to pretty much any red carpet event.
However, Barbra insists she isn’t a fan of the rock and roll lifestyle.
"I stay home a lot and read. Everyone thinks it's all about glamour and status. That's nonsense,” she assured.
Her current film project is comedy The Guilt Trip, in which she plays an overprotective mother to co-star Seth Rogen.
Despite flourishing in the role, the actress admitted to Entertainment Tonight she had doubts before taking on the part.
"Could I really handle a big role [or] to have to come to work every day?" she worried before committing to the project.
"But it was fun because we had good working conditions."
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