Sunday, 18 November 2012

All About Barbra Magazine (73)

The Tour is over BUT time to go on The Guilt Trip! LOL. (sorry..) Yep, for our USA friends the time is drawing close
For us in the UK and Europe - February is the time to pack out the cinema for a GREAT TRIP! Barbra back on the big screen - a great way to beat the winter chills!
ALL ABOUT BARBRA 73 - Yes, this is a '2 issue set.' Issue 73 & Barbra: Celebrating 50 years. This is will be a limited print run. To make sure you get yours make sure you order now, preferably before December 1st. Steve and I are pouring all our spare time into the production of this set. We do hope to have it all printed and in the mail mid December, so bare with us as it is a HUGE undertaking as you can imagine. BUT, it will provide a great keepsake of Barbra's wonderful North American Tour AND her 50th Anniversary celebration - worth the effort - yes, we think so, too! We have special content (thanks to RJA and Jay Landers) plus an interview with Jason! Lots of great pictures, news round up and of course, The Guilt Trip, plus loads more...
PR should be starting any day for Guilt Trip with lots of pictures, interviews and clips to enjoy! Let us know what YOU think when you've seen the movie.