Friday, 30 September 2011

EXCLUSIVE recording What Matters Most by Jay Landers

Jay Landers is Barbra's long time friend and A&R man. Again, Jay has written a wonderful piece 'exclusive' for the new issue of All About Barbra. Here is a taste of the article - you can read the full piece in the new issue. It is printing next week! Order here

"Although the orchestra tracks for Barbra’s new album “What Matters Most” took a mere three days to record, the idea of singing an entire album of Bergman songs had been something Barbra contemplated for many years.
The actual studio process was reminiscent of the “old days” (early 1960’s) when she used to record and mix an entire LP faster than it takes most engineers to get a good drum sound these days. (It’s funny how the technology designed to make things easier, often makes creative decisions twice as complicated!)
When Barbra appeared at a 2009 tribute to Alan & Marilyn hosted by The Motion Picture Academy with moderator Quincy Jones, she decided the timing was right to make it official.  Sitting on stage with Alan & Marilyn, she revealed her plans in a low key but totally surprising way by simply saying, “I’m going to make my next album a tribute to you guys!”  The audience applauded in delight, and for Alan and Marilyn, two people who’ve had a spectacularly successful career using words …well let’s just say they were left fairly speechless."

New issue printing Monday!